14 day ban for this

I'm pretty annoyed about this ban to be honest. I made sure not to flame or insult anyone etc, yet have been given a 14 day suspension just for asking someone why they took my mobs in the jungle. I contacted support and was told I flamed, after replying that I didn't and asking where the flame was, I was then told well Riot has different definitions for flame than the general population. This to me is extremely unfair and feels like after being backed into a corner they moves the goalposts on the ban. Chat log below, involves a fiddle support who flames the adc then stood at the turret flaming and not going in for ganks. He then started following me around the jungle trying to last hit Cs. I can understand bans for flaming but banning for general negative chat is extreme to say the least, when I'm unbanned I'm just going to have to say nothing at all. "That wasn't a good play" is a negative thing to say so therefor can result in a permaban according to riot support. Pre Game Lobby: In Game: gordza: ? how am i trolling, im here at camp spawn gordza: so you think its good to leave me low hp on a weak early jungler? gordza: and im the troll? gordza: why every time do people take ap bot and behave like this gordza: ?? gordza: why did you not go in gordza: i pinged gordza: you have full hp gordza: no it wasnt gordza: fiddle im just going to mute you gordza: why are you not going in gordza: look their hp gordza: fiddle just sat at turret? gordza: you want to lose on purpose? jesus whats the matter with you gordza: ww gordza: blue [All]gordza: he is just sat at the turret flaming [All]gordza: i tried ganking twice and he just sits there typing... gordza: just mute him i did when i said gordza: really gordza: you going to steal jungle mobs now? gordza: what the hell is your problem man gordza: why are you intentionally losing the game gordza: that cost me lvl 6 [All]gordza: pleease report fiddle [All]gordza: he just intentionally stole jungle mobs from me gordza: fiddle really why did you take my mobs? gordza: why take my mobs man? gordza: you cost me lvl 6 gordza: now i dont have ult gordza: w wq gordza: when they at our turret [All]gordza: fiddle you inted this game [All]gordza: how can you dare blame annyone else [All]gordza: you lost on purpose [All]gordza: thresh u didnt see this guy [All]gordza: he took mobs from me on purpose so i didnt get lvl 6 just now [All]gordza: and is just sat at turrrret b4 flaming, i pinged loads b4 gank and he sat at turret [All]gordza: he is pure toxic gordza: sorry syndra gordza: i tried gordza: he doesnt want to win [All]gordza: im not lying [All]gordza: and everyone can report me, i did nothing wrong so im not scared [All]gordza: everyone report me and fiddle [All]gordza: np [All]gordza: report me and fiddle ty [All]gordza: ill get a review and no punishment gordza: why will anyone else get a ban [All]gordza: gg
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