Fourth restriction... 99% certain I don't deserve it this time...

**READ THIS FIRST**: This isn't a rant thread, this is my genuine concern that my account is in some sort of trap where no matter what I do, I'm going to be eternally restricted... I would like to express myself and see if anyone has any answers for me, or ways that I may further find out why this is happening, because I am honestly trying my best to get out of this but to no avail... If you are someone that doesn't believe "guilty" people are allowed to voice their opinions and/or queries, then please leave the thread now, I don't want to get into any pointless arguments with people saying "you deserve it, end of story", that doesn't help anyone, it's just spam and antagonising. Thank you for your understanding, on to the thread. TL;DR of the thread: What can I do to make these restrictions end? I have tried not talking at all, I have tried being a "good guy", what other options are there? Is there a way for me to demand proof to see what it is that I've done so wrong that warrants being censored non-stop? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ First time? I can believe that. Second time? Okay, maybe. Third time? Well I'm really trying not to give anyone a reason to report me, bit tedious at this point. Fourth time? It's beyond a joke. Not only do you first restrict my chat for 75 games, you then wait 3-4 days to restrict me from ranked (during which I don't say ANYTHING except drag/baron timers, perhaps enemy flash timers), leading me to believe that I actually haven't done anything wrong and some automated system is picking on me. I understand I used to argue a lot (months ago), I could get into heated arguments and then people would spam to report me. That was 2-3 restrictions ago, now I don't even swear (whether at people or in general), IN FACT, since I got past my third restriction, ALL I have been doing is trying to kiss everyone's butts and say GJ at every little thing that my team does right. If they do something wrong, I ignore it, if I can offer constructive advice that benefits the team (e.g "buy wards please" "upgrade trinkets they're OP" "pink that brush" etc.), I do, if I can give my team pre-emptive warnings and share information that only I may have (seeing someone walk over my ward, as an example) then I do my best to share this information. I can GUARANTEE YOU that I am more active, helpful and friendly than at least half of the people I play games with in solo queue. I get honored pretty often, whether it's by my own team or the enemy, in fact I would go as far to say I am honored more than I am reported (though I don't know the exact numbers so it's just a guesstimate). I do not hesitate to have a laugh and a joke with allies and enemies, I LOVE to talk, whether it's about in-game related stuff or in general. I have NEVER been and never will be a bully (unlike most of the kids on this game, where if you gave them access to nuclear devices, after a day of LoL, the world would be gone). I have literally nothing to gain from trying to hurt someone's feelings, it is the biggest waste of time I think any single person can spend whether on the internet or in real life, it achieves absolutely nothing. Also, here's something that I bet you hardly ever see in game, if I somehow end up in a heated discussion/argument, why is it that when I try to be a peacemaker to stop everyone being angry, that doesn't work in my favour? Not "shut up and play" or "mute him and focus", I mean actually trying to sort the problem, talking to the people and trying to RESOLVE the issue, not escape it. Why is it only these completely-out-of-context offences are counting towards me (whatever they are, some proof please Rito?) Not all the good things I do? I have been going through the forums (and now boards) over my past couple of restrictions trying desperately to find out what I can do to stop myself getting restricted, believing (knowing?) that *I* was the problem and it was 100% completely my fault, I just didn't understand why. That's when I started being the nice guy, originally I thought "all I have to do to not get restricted is not be a bad guy", but that didn't work, by being neutral or not communicating at all, I still got restricted. Now even the good guy approach doesn't work. If I'm being reported for constructive criticism or advice, while kids are allowed to flame me and others to the ends of the Earth, I think we have a problem. Now, after all that, I want to know... WTF CAN I DO THAT I HAVEN'T ALREADY DONE? All the "good guy" suggestions I've already tried, it doesn't seem to matter at all... I wonder how many people are going through what I'm going through, I thought if I was a big offender they would slap me with a restriction that's more than 75 games for chat and 35 normal wins for ranked, instead it seems like an endless broken loop. The Tribunal might not have been perfect but at least you were given proof for your offences, if it turns out that my offences consist of some stupid stuff like saying "ffs" or "can you stop please" then AT LEAST then I could appeal it, knowing exactly what I'm accused of. As it is, I am well aware that Riot are too lazy to manually punish people, so this automated system is doing all the work. I might not be perfect, but I'm certainly not half as bad as most of the toxic people on this game. If I am a bad guy, I would like to be a good guy, I just don't know HOW outside of what I have already tried... Thank you for your time, please try to offer me advice if you can, all the best to you all.
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