Should Riot Add "Warning TEXT" When Some Player Shows Signs Of TOXIC Behaviour as a "CAUTION TEXT"?

Well, We all know some people just deserve the treatment. There are scums on this earth that play the game. But by the Summoners CODE, we are not allowed to flame them. But sooner or later anyone can lose their mind and just go at the CANCER themselves. It's honestly not worth it just flaming some DEGENERATE scum when it might even end up loosing you your 5 year old money spent account. It's not. But what if Riot actually helped us by adding a "WARNING TEXT" or "CAUTION TEXT". That yellow text that comes in your chat. That tells you your chat restriction. The golden text that appears when you ping too much like you all know what I'm talking about. Riot's ban system is completely automated. It automatically searches the guy who flamed. And it bans regardless of any context. That same ban system can be used to splash golden "WARNING TEXT". Something " YOU ARE ON PATH OF BREAKING A SUMMONER CODE, WE SUGGEST YOU STOP IMMEDIATELY". Like wouldn't that be helpful. Like I know some people just wanna flame no matter what but there are some people who might just be flaming in sake of their protection from the toxic community. I honestly think it would be really helpful for the actually people who don't purposefully flaming or show toxic behavior during game to scum of the earth. Please COMMENT and SHARE VIEWS.
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