10game chat restriction. I understand game 1 and 3. But why game 2?

Game 2 ChainedUp: instead of standing still ChainedUp: leave ChainedUp: so we can remake ChainedUp: 3 games in a row ChainedUp: wow ChainedUp: its a remake ChainedUp: we can ChainedUp: he left on time ChainedUp: they are getting first turret ChainedUp: but the worst thing is ChainedUp: we don't even get our lp back ChainedUp: don't care about that ChainedUp: i care about my lp ChainedUp: cuz he came back ChainedUp: no ChainedUp: nop ChainedUp: Nope ChainedUp: we don' topen ChainedUp: and if he does open his lane, it is reportable ChainedUp: it counts as int. ChainedUp: And now he is also a racist lol ChainedUp: Incredible what kinds of players i get in my games ChainedUp: and always on my team :p ChainedUp: always teh negtive and toxic ones ChainedUp: lol. how would you feel if you get afkers and toxic people every single game ChainedUp: 50% ChainedUp: of my games ChainedUp: Ah, the zyra meta is back :( ChainedUp: i vote no ChainedUp: then sure go on ChainedUp: report me for trying to win ChainedUp: because that is definetly going to get me banned ChainedUp: because i try to win ChainedUp: its ranked ChainedUp: you gotta work for your lp :p ChainedUp: i do value my time ChainedUp: and that is exactly ChainedUp: why i keep playing ChainedUp: come on guys ChainedUp: help me defend ChainedUp: just for 1 last time ChainedUp: nope ChainedUp: yup ChainedUp: i don't call it a loss ChainedUp: gg So what happend. My adc was just standing still for the first 2 minutes because he was lagging. So i asked if he could leave so we could atleast remake. But he didn't and we couln't remake. Eventually he left. But it was to late. Afterwards our midlaner started getting ganked and died a few times. He wanted to open. So i said to the enemy team that we didn't open! And eventually my top and jungle joined him. THey just stopped caring. They didn't defend any lanes and said that we open. But i never wanted to open! So thats considered afking! Then when they ffed i voted no. And veigar started calling me out for a french niger, saying that i could get *, etc... The game kept going, and i still tried to defend 1V5! They asked why i wasted my time, i told them that i wanted to fight. That i don't give up so easaly. Veigar wanted to report me for that. Because i was the last one trying to win?! At the end of the game, i told my team that i didn't see it as a loss. Since i actually managed to hold on for a long time! And i also asked them to join me 1 last time. But yeah, they were just toxic instead. I can understand riots perspective. I can understand what they find toxic in game 1 and 3. But this game?! What? How am i toxic here? Why do i get punished for trying to win?! And my teammates didn't get a punishment?! while they were toxic against me and also racist? Please. Can a mod just look at this and explain why i get punished for trying to win? While i wasn't toxic or negative? While my team just went afk and verbally abused me?!
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