If this is toxic.... I'm killing myself in real life,also there is nothing to add/remove. Is the original text. Game 1 SlyFoxxie: I WAS SlyFoxxie: OMG SlyFoxxie: TRYHARDS SlyFoxxie: ASLD S{APLS{LSD SlyFoxxie: SAD: SlyFoxxie: AS SlyFoxxie: }AS: D SlyFoxxie: AD SlyFoxxie: shaco SlyFoxxie: the troll SlyFoxxie: ofc SlyFoxxie: i get the troll team SlyFoxxie: again SlyFoxxie: and again SlyFoxxie: over and over SlyFoxxie: you're dumb? SlyFoxxie: report shaco SlyFoxxie: tyvm SlyFoxxie: toxic SlyFoxxie: offensive SlyFoxxie: mundo SlyFoxxie: I will attach a photo after the game SlyFoxxie: they're premade or something SlyFoxxie: basicly didn't say anything SlyFoxxie: 1-3? SlyFoxxie: you play shaco SlyFoxxie: at lvl 1 buff SlyFoxxie: you didn't place a single jack in the box SlyFoxxie: tbh SlyFoxxie: gj SlyFoxxie: jinx SlyFoxxie: :) SlyFoxxie: :) SlyFoxxie: it's funny SlyFoxxie: how fun SlyFoxxie: is this game SlyFoxxie: and interractive SlyFoxxie: i'm having so much fun rn SlyFoxxie: you last game? SlyFoxxie: me past 6 games SlyFoxxie: XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDd SlyFoxxie: people like shaco and illaoi in my team SlyFoxxie: :( SlyFoxxie: plays like what? SlyFoxxie: mundo was 5 times bot SlyFoxxie: i am done SlyFoxxie: with this game SlyFoxxie: and people SlyFoxxie: dude SlyFoxxie: not about music SlyFoxxie: or tilting SlyFoxxie: about these SlyFoxxie: players SlyFoxxie: that are 12 yo SlyFoxxie: shaco left me alone SlyFoxxie: dude SlyFoxxie: you have mute SlyFoxxie: what's your problem SlyFoxxie: if this were you crying SlyFoxxie: you would've beg for reports SlyFoxxie: and help SlyFoxxie: hupocrit SlyFoxxie: how was I losing my line SlyFoxxie: lane SlyFoxxie: since I won it SlyFoxxie: lol SlyFoxxie: I won at 2v2 SlyFoxxie: not 3v2 SlyFoxxie: you were 24/7 SlyFoxxie: you're talking SlyFoxxie: Like your good SlyFoxxie: you're not even close SlyFoxxie: to what's good SlyFoxxie: in this game SlyFoxxie: be happy you got this shaco SlyFoxxie: mundo SlyFoxxie: you are all hypocrite as hell Game 2 SlyFoxxie: ? SlyFoxxie: my adc misses cs anyway SlyFoxxie: without zoning SlyFoxxie: :D SlyFoxxie: lucian>draven SlyFoxxie: better adc SlyFoxxie: wins SlyFoxxie: :P SlyFoxxie: this guy SlyFoxxie: goes into them SlyFoxxie: literaly SlyFoxxie: guys SlyFoxxie: i am done staying with draven SlyFoxxie: he's full of lyings SlyFoxxie: can't admit his mistakes SlyFoxxie: basicly you have 1-3 SlyFoxxie: blame me SlyFoxxie: for my death ? SlyFoxxie: towerdiving SlyFoxxie: xD SlyFoxxie: muted boys SlyFoxxie: you're too toxic SlyFoxxie: all of you SlyFoxxie: and draven SlyFoxxie: I love this team SlyFoxxie: everyone flames everyone SlyFoxxie: like fiesta SlyFoxxie: XD SlyFoxxie: you have the mute SlyFoxxie: option SlyFoxxie: you know? SlyFoxxie: league of legends players SlyFoxxie: so salty SlyFoxxie: why are you salty SlyFoxxie: braum SlyFoxxie: nobody crying SlyFoxxie: salty Game 3 SlyFoxxie: i have a bad feeling bout this game SlyFoxxie: can we surrender yet? SlyFoxxie: ok SlyFoxxie: trynda is fed SlyFoxxie: free farm SlyFoxxie: Zoe SlyFoxxie: WTF SlyFoxxie: U DOING SlyFoxxie: ZOE SlyFoxxie: U FARMING SlyFoxxie: ZOE SlyFoxxie: ASP"DLS{AD LSA{PLSD{ SlyFoxxie: ASPDL {SAPLD ASD LS{DALS SlyFoxxie: SAP DLAS SlyFoxxie: ASPL DA SlyFoxxie: dAS SlyFoxxie: ZOE SlyFoxxie: the trolls SlyFoxxie: in this game SlyFoxxie: i swear to god SlyFoxxie: ZOE SlyFoxxie: YOUR LANE MISSING SlyFoxxie: NO SS SlyFoxxie: OMG SlyFoxxie: nah SlyFoxxie: surrender 15 SlyFoxxie: yes SlyFoxxie: look at these people SlyFoxxie: that are trolling SlyFoxxie: i am done SlyFoxxie: with you SlyFoxxie: instead of hitting him SlyFoxxie: YOU SlyFoxxie: ARE SlyFoxxie: FARMING SlyFoxxie: YOU SlyFoxxie: ARE FARMING SlyFoxxie: INSTEAD SlyFoxxie: OF SlyFoxxie: HITTING HIM SlyFoxxie: OMG DUDE SlyFoxxie: TO SlyFoxxie: STUN HIM SlyFoxxie: ARE YOU SlyFoxxie: SERIOUS MNA SlyFoxxie: MAN SlyFoxxie: I WAS ABLE TO ESCAPE SlyFoxxie: jesus christ SlyFoxxie: i feel like playing SlyFoxxie: with people SlyFoxxie: that never hold a mouse SlyFoxxie: ff this SlyFoxxie: wp SlyFoxxie: varus chose the push path SlyFoxxie: instead of helping SlyFoxxie: funny
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