Player behavior Riot seems to overlook that should be bannable.

Riot ... if you really want to stop toxic behavior there are things you need to start doing something about, that i feel currently you are clearly overlooking on purpose as you do not seem to see the implications off. these things should be taken a lot more seriously in the future. * Provoking people into fights by laughing at them in /all is clearly toxic. and general fishing for a fight by taunting and insulting and talking down to fellow or opposing players . as is GG EZ (prob the worst fishing for a fight offense), <-- that alone i am sure causes a LOT of people to loose their tempers and should be punished just as much as cussing the one out who said the GG EZ. the ones causing the fight should be seen just as guilty as those to who end up loosing their tempers because of it. instigating in professional sports is just as punishable as the one who retaliated with violence. - should be no different here. starting a fire is just as bad (if not worse) as the one fanning the flames. *Smurfing should really be a permanent bannable offense (on all your accounts linked to that mail. it's immense toxic behavior and bullying against people who clearly cant compete and putting them off from playing League in general. And you KNOW you are doing wrong because you have to go create another account to do this. there is no excuse for you venting on lower level players when you are irritated at your higher tier of play.
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