Smurfs should not be allowed in ranked play.

Smurfs ruin the ranked experience for 5 people and make it unfair for other 5. I don't know why this hasn't been brought to greater attention before, but I guess in the old days this wasn't too much of a problem. Nowadays however (although it may just be end of season) there is a constant noticeable amount of smurfs in ANY ranked game, be it SoloQ or Flex. It's just disgusting. One team gets around a 70% chance for a free win and the other team a 30% chance of a guaranteed loss plus disencouragement to keep playing due to the sheer unfairness. In my personal experience, I've been finding smurfs in about 3/4 games for the last month, and this s*** should stop ASAP. I don't really care about the losses themselves (technically, each game you have about a 50% chance to get the smurf on your team), don't get me wrong, but it's just that it's morally wrong to allow something like this to happen in a competitive game. Think of it this way: would it be fair to allow a 21 year old dude play in an amateur junior basketball league anywhere? I don't think so. And furthermore, note that if it somehow were allowed, the dudes who actually do play against those younger kids are just nothing more than sad people. Please, make an effort to remove this.
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