Is there a way for me to be unbanned? Please read this Riot.

Hello, I am permanently banned and I have been it for 3 years and yes I know permanently means permanent but I will tell you what happend. I met a guy on CS:GO in 2016 and we really bonded and became sort of friends, I eventually asked him if he wanted to play League but he told me was permanently banned so we continued on playing CS. About a week after I told him that I would be going on a vacation to Turkey for 2 weeks and he asked me if he could borrow my account to play League cuz he really missed it, at first I told him no cuz I knew he got his own acc banned but eventually like a fool I let him borrow it while I was gone. When I got home I saw that my account had been banned and considering I had that account since I began league and I had spent over $150 on champs and skins and I had all the champs I got really upset and I argued with him and then removed him from Steam and discord. I haven't played League since, and yes I know that it wasn't my accounts first offence since I had previously been toxic I was 15 at the time but had decided to not be toxic anymore since I knew I would eventually get banned. However, I've recently been watching league streams again and I really became eager to play again so I downloaded League again but I then remembered that it was banned. I'm now 19 years old and have matured quite a bit so I am wondering if there's a possibility for me to be unbanned? Here's the chatlogs of the game what THAT guy wrote; Game 1 In-Game BufferVayne: sona u start heal pls? BufferVayne: Only ture LoL players will know what that means BufferVayne: ok smitelss pls BufferVayne: ????? BufferVayne: Nobody came BufferVayne: how u saw me? BufferVayne: ww doent even say pink BufferVayne: ignite ? BufferVayne: oh ghost BufferVayne: if u had ignite BufferVayne: * BufferVayne: gg sona :) BufferVayne: gg bot BufferVayne: igank u BufferVayne: again those trolls bot BufferVayne: ez so %%%%ign bad dude BufferVayne: nice ulti sona BufferVayne: elohell BufferVayne: wannabe noobs BufferVayne: vlad pick mid is gg BufferVayne: 0 cc BufferVayne: erport vladpls BufferVayne: WHY U LEFT MID BufferVayne: 0.4 BufferVayne: dw i report u both bot BufferVayne: boosted BufferVayne: why u left mid BufferVayne: tower BufferVayne: 0.4 ez BufferVayne: gg BufferVayne: 3 assist: BufferVayne: :) BufferVayne: 0.4.0 BufferVayne: XDDDDDDDD BufferVayne: :ff BufferVayne: nice feed on djin BufferVayne: 8.0 BufferVayne: good feed wannabe bot :D BufferVayne: 0.4 both is feed BufferVayne: just saying BufferVayne: edgy bot:D BufferVayne: boosted players BufferVayne: FF no chance BufferVayne: their adc is super feed BufferVayne: not flamoign but uare basd BufferVayne: bad:) BufferVayne: ebaya ccounts:) BufferVayne: cant even position BufferVayne: iwatched u xD BufferVayne: vote yees plebs BufferVayne: vlad press yes BufferVayne: and give us a break BufferVayne: zok omkom el 9a7ba BufferVayne: why report me? BufferVayne: report sona for flame BufferVayne: and feed: BufferVayne: well this bot are feeders BufferVayne: report them forfeed pls BufferVayne: boosted players BufferVayne: end pls this team is just aids BufferVayne: the plebs on bot lane vote no Game 2 In-Game BufferVayne: go bot BufferVayne: urgot mid BufferVayne: gg BufferVayne: go red pff BufferVayne: its gonna be hards vs renke BufferVayne: no ignite BufferVayne: top no summ BufferVayne: erf BufferVayne: gank BufferVayne: gg BufferVayne: said ganks 5 times BufferVayne: even he fdont have flash BufferVayne: %%%% thsio shit BufferVayne: a BufferVayne: rlyy BufferVayne: UFCK BufferVayne: cant do shit BufferVayne: need gna BufferVayne: thier jungler gnak BufferVayne: jax even renke no flash HE DEOSTN GAN BufferVayne: gank u noob BufferVayne: trash jungle BufferVayne: their jungle win BufferVayne: gg kax BufferVayne: wp BufferVayne: ff20 BufferVayne: 9x jax BufferVayne: report jax pls BufferVayne: look bot BufferVayne: always the cancer jungler BufferVayne: perma BufferVayne: urgot look bot BufferVayne: its lost BufferVayne: I PICK JUNGLER BufferVayne: BUT THEY IGVE METOP BufferVayne: why fight BufferVayne: AGAIN? BufferVayne: silver team BufferVayne: 0damage BufferVayne: miss aoe mid BufferVayne: why adcmid in my promo BufferVayne: just why BufferVayne: why enemy have katarina BufferVayne: i have urogt BufferVayne: report urgot BufferVayne: gg always troll picks with me BufferVayne: why u play yrgot mid BufferVayne: in my promo BufferVayne: pls BufferVayne: ur reported BufferVayne: fkcing urgot MID WTF BufferVayne: PLAY NORMAL MID BufferVayne: ur reported BufferVayne: dam BufferVayne: cait gg BufferVayne: gogo yes BufferVayne: xD BufferVayne: daNK BufferVayne: for takingred xD BufferVayne: report urgot forrela Game 3 In-Game BufferVayne: NICE SKIN LUCIAN BufferVayne: cassio no flash?. BufferVayne: i gnak bot level 6 BufferVayne: wow BufferVayne: yasuo win 1v1 BufferVayne: u ulktimlate push i cant gank u BufferVayne: muted BufferVayne: cya BufferVayne: perma push and he ask for ganks BufferVayne: soz my bad BufferVayne: ff 20 pls BufferVayne: cancer BufferVayne: ragequit? BufferVayne: nice try but u will %%%%ing loose this game BufferVayne: wow wtf uare DOING BufferVayne: WHY U BACK? BufferVayne: gg noob adc BufferVayne: they play together BufferVayne: we dont BufferVayne: push bot BufferVayne: no BufferVayne: no smite BufferVayne: why u fight? BufferVayne: kebab BufferVayne: that 3v5 fight .. BufferVayne: 4v2 BufferVayne: g BufferVayne: report this kurd pls BufferVayne: yasupl BufferVayne: help me idiot BufferVayne: go for casiio BufferVayne: lol BufferVayne: u stole all my kills BufferVayne: and u call me nothing BufferVayne: i dont have smite BufferVayne: so bait BufferVayne: dont go baron bait BufferVayne: report lucian pls BufferVayne: negative attitude BufferVayne: whenever he dies hecalls ff xD BufferVayne: ez This wasn't me, I don't even speak arabic.

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