japanese server is polar opposite of euw literally!

i was leveling up my new account on Japanese server, our ashe was standing still in tf and was in melee range of enemy frontline i said - ashe you cant stand still like this, its bad as adc , you need to move between your aa casts ashe - i am sorry ,i am new to this game and she said sorry atleast 10 times in game ,every time she died next game my bot and mid lane were losing hard (really hard) me- lets surrender we might not be able to win this mid and bot- i am sorry we lost this because of me wtf is this xD if this was euw i would have gotten replies as ky* , %%%% you too, report top not helping ,useless top,autistc top i am not coming back it seems xD i would love having friendly environment +160 ping over the 20 ping and the most toxic server
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