Special anti low plays/trolling system

Riot should be developing this ideea into them system , what this ideea show like you will see below. Basically if you play ranked and you perform really bad on the early game until min 15 or 20 , having more deaths than half your team that should land you to some punishments ,if it's not intentionally feeding it should be 25 games you have to play normal games... , if you going to intentionally troll ,then this anti low plays system would temporary stop you to play ranked further and troll others... , my ideea is to reduce the number of low plays early , the amount of people who die constantly early without to be afraid of anything ,most of the time those players who make low plays early and keep die don't think about what happen if team will going to fight enemy champion they feeded ,most of them look like they really try hard to show how bad they can play , is like they frustrated that they keep die and go in and in , and when they stop or they don't is kinda late.. So let me show you an ideea of what it would sound like , if you let's say you are olaf from my last game , you perform 2/8 top in min 18 , have like 50% of the team deaths , or close to 50% ... keeping doing trash plays and chasing enemy low hp while your allies can secure the kill etc.. . I would claim that there should be order in what mean bad plays... , it would trigger only if there is a bigger number of deaths , regarding deaths per minut... Let's say you play a game and you die every 2 minuts 1 time ,in min 16 ,you would already have 8 deaths ... , is quit a lot after me , expecially when you realise that there are more players who have 1 or 2 deaths and your deaths are the summ of all your allies deaths. The ideea is quitly simple , and it should be implented so people not overfeed early that much .. For me is a big issue when there is an overfeeded top/mid as they get lvl up faster being solo lanes... , not likely me playing bot and spliting the xp with support for level up.. . So if someone low plays ,you can't know what he will be doing from the point he lost lane.. , if he will stop to die or keep die... ,and definetly you can't tell him to stop feed... just because he is 0 4 or 2 4 or what ever , but when he exceed bad plays that's a signal who is too late , if people would have an ideea about what they don't have to play like then they will set themself limits of how much they can throw and play bad ... , that would make themself to follow them deaths and what plays they have , not the rest of the team should step in to tell x player , please stop feed ,or stop die ... etc... , the ideea is that every player should know the limits of how bad early gameplay they are allowed to do , because is not really nice when you get smashed by enemy, while you won your lane and roam to help others too... ,preferably to be decent or normal number of deaths in team or a balance between players ,if 4 players no feed or they no play bad at all, and one does that well riot should have a system to punish that guy cause obvious is not feeling nice that 4 guys lose because of someone bad plays.

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