Blaming jg

Hi guys, i am writing this because you need to hear this. Recently i have been playing more and more jg mostly in flex ranked and i noticed that most people don't understand the game . I have been playing with mostly gold elo players because i am Gold 1 in flex, and i need to say this Gold players (not all of them ofc) are not very smart. I have played some games where all 3 lanes lose hard, just now i lost a game like that. With the addition that our vayne 40 cs in 18 min started roaming top, our support pantheon started blaming me and begun the flame, our 3/1 zed in 10 min managed to be 3/11 losing all 1v1 lost to a kata and the started spamming report jg feed. I mean come on guys you are not going anywhere with this attitude. Flaming others is an easy task but if you can not see your mistakes you will never improve and you will be silver very soon. I have seen this in both EUW and EUNE in silver and gold. People queue up only to flame. Which is sad. The bad thing is that there are friends of mine with this attitude. Just a few days ago a buddy of mine wanted to play some flex games with me. To be honest he is a very bad player, 90% of his games he will feed. But i don't care cause we are having fun. So last game he is playing Zed top goes 1/3 in 6 min and he afk. Starting blaming Riot for the game being unbalance. Believe this guy is going nowhere he will always be bad at this game no matter what. Guys just don't be like that. One more thing. To all these kids who like to curse me and my family and verbally abuse their teammates, you may not see me answering to you but you are always reported. So please stop it. Learn from your mistakes and stop blaming others for everything wrong in your life.
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