Literally wtf is wrong with you at riot

I wonder sometimes do you people %%%%ing get enough oxygen to your brains? I play a %%%%ing game, i literally don't say shit play my game, some random %%%% gets caught im miles away. and i get %%%%ing reported when he gets hooked. i play another %%%%ing game, where my %%%%ing bot lane does nothing literally nothing i get reported for saying they do nothing. wtf is wrong with you assholes, they are ruining my %%%%ing game i can't even %%%%ing state the %%%%ing obvious now? i play a %%%%ing i am defending a %%%%ing turret 1v3 while two %%%%s on my team are complaining to each, i ask politely to stop complaining and concentrate on the game i get %%%%ing reported. i play another %%%%ing game i do nothing absolutely nothing, farming my lane leisurely not talking just playing, i suddenly see report me for no reason out of the blue. at end game i get %%%%ing reported for no reason. I GET %%%%ING CHAT RESTRICTION, LOOT PENALTY FOR NO %%%%ING REASON AND YOU DON'T %%%%ING WANT PEOPLE TO BE PISSED %%%%ING ASSHOLES. EVEN %%%%ING APPEALING IS %%%%ING POINTLESS BECAUSE YOU SHITTY TARDS LET THEM DO THAT AND PEOPLE GET %%%%ING 1-2 MONTHS LOOT RESTRICTION FOR NO REASON.
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