Riot probably does have Communistic ideals. (it's a joke but kinda true just read it to understand).

Dear League of Legends community, I am writing this to express my opinion on things about League of Legends I came to dislike. This probably will be a wall of text so be prepared. I am not the first one to speak about this and surely not the last one. Firstly, The way you can get ban or be chat restricted is actually unfair. Or should I say the way it works is not great. Now everyone in comments will spam me just don't be toxic and don't write anything in the chat. But think about it, why does League have a chat if you can get a ban just for typing there, even if you're friendly u can get a chat restriction because someone don't like what u said or they don't want to read what u wrote that's why u can be punished. Basically for having the right to write something you will be punished for typing something "too much" That's were communistic ideals clickbait comes in, basically everyone must be the same in chat and god forgive someone if they will be going to type in chat something friendly or simply nothing toxic at all. No exceptions for anyone I guess everyone who wants to chat with people must be send to gulag (being banned or just punished) Or just simply will be using a chat differently (not in a toxic way). For example: hey guys how u doing? and then people start a conversation about anything. I even made some friends from league by being friendly and all but I can't do this anymore, because if someone does not like you especially premades then boom chat restriction. This is literally the same as NPC meme. Riot we're humans not robots, Being toxic and friendly is not the same thing and u can't prove me otherwise. U can say hey it can be annoying for others to read something like this because it does not let them focus on the game and bla bla bla, but to that I can say why did u created mute button or can't the players simply ignore messages that are unrelated to them? You can just remove chat and make some commands for more basic things like more pings, if people are not allowed to socialize or just simply relax in a game and have a good time besides only typing like "top no f". There is no difference from robots if u treat us like this, This is almost not letting someone to have their freedom to chat with ppl. Keep in mind that Toxicity is when u use any racial slurs any type of hatred for races or orientation etc. Then there is people who blame others they might not use any bad words but they simply write something like "mid 0/7 gg lost game thx a lot." This is also toxicity. However, if someone is criticizing player and giving actual points as to why he is playing not well this is not toxicity. And u can be punished for this. Some people even received 2 weeks ban just for blaming others. Riot plz 2 weeks ban must be used only for serious crimes in league. For example cheating and intentionally feeding is the thing u should focus on more. I am pretty sure A lot of people are abusing Riots system that some players can have bad game being 0/22 with weird items (u'know tears and other items). That means u can int and don't break any rules because u had a "bad game" But if you blame someone even if you're not right boom banned lol. I get an idea that this system is made mainly to detect if people are typing something in the chat rather trying to detect actual feeders and trollers who stays afk in top lane for the rest of the game. I said what is wrong with league but I should also mention what league should do to fix this. So here we go. Firstly: Fix your report system and make sure that people won't be banned for 2 weeks just because they expressed their negative view on the match and teammates they played with. Better improve how to detect inters and trollers instead. Secondly: Make a voice chat available in all games that way ppl can communicate more easily and the chat won't be needed to socialize. Also mute a person for talking bad things is a must be option. And lastly do something about Toxic community that u created. Ignoring it won't do any good look since season 4 ppl are still toxic and ur system has done nothing at all. U can say that people who got banned are less toxic like 70% of them learned their lesson but Rito plz that does not reflect reality. What u could do? Make some videos about it. Help players to stay relaxed let them chat and stay friendly instead of letting them communicate like robots. For example if a person is forbidden to read books he will only will want to read it more. The same thing can be said for chatting in league, but instead of trying to be talkative and friendly ppl are just more toxic. If u take away this freedom u get those results and don't go to me saying that I'm delusional I have played this game since season 2 (More speficilly when Vi came out). So I played so many games to back this off. Ok I'm done I guess you already get my points and there's no need to go even deeper. If someone has different point of view u can discuss with me in the comments. I wonder what u guys think. Maybe I'm wrong about somethings? Also I will leave some videos that I took inspiration from. check them out they're all great youtubers maybe except super metroid because even if he explains how u can get chat restricted or banned he's just boring to watch he has boring personality. The only thing that saves him is his challenger vi mechanics I guess. *Edit* Some pleople May think that I don't like Riot. But if u come to that conclusion then you're wrong. I simply do not like it how Riot reporting system works (Also Riots balance team but that's not a topic for my post). Or to be more specific not everything about reporting system is great and some improvements is needed. I really love Riots team of music and animations and writers they're all amazing, I even like Clash even thou it's not going so great yet and a lot of ppl are viewing it negatively. I still believe in Riot I think they can do better with report system. I know it's not easy to make this system better, but sometimes u have to speak it out.
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