The game looks like its focus on winning money and not on the comunity. My main account from s1 with 30k matches and lvl 3-400 and i got banned with no reason Now, due to the fact that the banning systhem has not been focused on toxic players and afk/trolls but still on banning people with no reason, i beg you to check the stream (because now i keep proof with me) link and see how a troller (pyke) made me loose my account.Not to mention that, before this perma ban, i got 14 days ban for the same reason : using chat to give info. I will also come back with theyr reason by making print screen from last 3 matches where i didn not speak bad, i only gave info to the team ....this should not get the policy of rito it doesnt state that i cannot chat...if they dont like that i chat, they could chat ban but whats the reason for perma ban? I will make a documentary with theyr shit in order to let the others know on what they spend money (i spend 2k-3k euro on 1st account) and now another 500$ on second (this one, that got perma banned too). I will stop play this shit because people get banned for no reason !!!!!!!!NOOOO REASON! LETS MAKE THIS THREAD FAMOUS AND LET OTHERS KNOW ABOUT THEYR TRICKS (even if i have a LOTTT of peoples who allready got banned for no reason)
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