How to spot scripters/bots?

I'm going to be honest, I thought "scripting" was a joke amongst the League community to say something like "that was an unbelievable play", it was never something I thought about seriously until a few moments ago when I found a montage (on YouTube) and the comments were filled with people calling the person a scripter. After a curious Google search, I was taken to a nice reddit post that showed some examples of scripters and A LOT of people being very angry about it. However, none of it looks consistent, I've seen 3 different videos of people using some sort of Vayne scripts and each time the behaviour looks completely different, only the VERY subtle moments give it away that it's a bot clicking on the screen and not the player. My question is, how do you spot them? I am confident that with the amount of time I spend on League I must have ran into a few of them, but I've never even thought about distinguishing between someone using a script and just a genuinely great player. Now that I'm aware it is very real, I would like to educate myself on how to identify them. I'm 100% against cheaters and would love to do my part in bringing them to justice (via reports, no vigilantism here). I also think it would be beneficial for people in general to have an idea of what these cheaters look like in-game as the community is the best way to find them (unless Riot have fool-proof detection methods, which I doubt). Ignorance is a choice, after all. Anyway, I really hope that this isn't as big of a problem as my mind is imagining it to be (you can't mute bots :P), any discussion is welcome (but answer my question first! xD).
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