Let's talk about boosting

This is something that has always concerned me. If you google "lol boost" you'll find more boost advertising than the "doctors/Zuckerberg/multinationals/nazis hate him, find out why" shit in your favorite porn site. And I've always asked myself why doesn't Mr. Riot sue them all and put an end to their boosting services. How is it possible that there are sites with more than 3 years of experience getting paid hundreds of dollars, euros or whatever, to destroy the ranked ladder of the top competitive game to have ever been created. So, I actually decided to send a ticket asking this same question, and while I was at it, also report a player who was bronze 4 last season playing teemo and right now is having fun losing normal games vs silvers as a diamond 4. This was their answer: https://imgur.com/a/8g9Sm. "Answer", since they didn't quite reply to my question, they just linked me a support page full of bullshit that wasn't related at all to what I asked. Since our support staff didn't want to give me a clear answer I thought that maybe there is someone here that could enlighten me, I don't understand why is this happening and why wouldn't they be clear about it, and I'm really curious to know. Piece.

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