The Honor system and the Player behaviour system need to be changed NOW!

Hi! First of all, I'd like to say that I know there are threads like this everyday, but if there is a small chance to make this better, I will take it. I will share my recent story and I will share my view on the matter. So... yesterday was a pretty bad day for me. It started pretty bad, then I saw my favorite e-sports team lose the final and the grand-slam in Worlds 2019 (Even though it is not the end of the world, it is still a bit sad), and then my day just got worse from there, I'm not going to talk about what happened out of League of Legends, but since I was in a bad mood I just wanted to relax a bit. I called my friend to play a game of League of Legends with him, a blind pick (there is no pressure there). Since Senna had just been released everyone started to play her, I wanted to go support, because it is my main role, I don't need to be worried with farm, I have more freedom to roam and it is more enjoyable for me. But I couldn't go supp because someone instalocked Senna, and since she is supposed to be a supp, I said I would go mid lane. I didn't want to but it was ok, it didn't make me mad, I understand that people want to play new champions. I picked Galio and I went against another Senna mid. I still don't know how to play against her, and I don't know her abilities well, so I lost my lane. I decided to roam to seek advantage in other lanes. My malphite jungle didn't like it, I don't know why, he started to ping me, then flame me, called me idiot multiple times because I was losing against Senna and said to stop roaming "as Galio" (I guess Galio is bad at roaming then). He played bad too, he didn't gank bot or mid, if I remember he conceded Infernal Drake even though he could have done it before, he conceded the Elder Drake (That would end the game) just to try and R them after and then fail and die, but it doesn't matter. I was already in a bad mood, I didn't need someone to start flaming me, in another day, maybe I would tell him to shut up and play or I would have responded and then stopped caring about him, but not today I went crazy, and because of that he started to flame me even more obviously, and when I'm mad I can't just let it go, I wish I could do that, but when someone makes me THAT MAD, I need to answer back. I went crazy, but It wasn't that bad, I didn't desire his death and I didn't offend is family, I just called him monkey, ape and idiot. I was punished with 10-game chat restriction and honor 1, I agree that I should be punished but it is still not fair. I tried to be the best I could during ONE WHOLE YEAR, I reached Honor 5 (Long ago) and now, because I was in a bad mood, and one guy that just decided to flame everyone (especially me), I fail to get honor 5 and honor rewards 1 week away from the end of the season. And the worst part is, that malphite just got away with it, I should be punished but so should he. I think this system needs a major change, if the game sent warnings to the players every time it is detected something wrong with the player behaviour, maybe they would remember, that they need to be polite, and they would behave better. I also think that in this situations the honor should downgrade a bit, since it is close to and end, or change the penalties to the next season (they could start at honor 0, for example). It's unfair to people who tried to be a better version of themselves during the whole year to get punished so hard in the end for 1 or 2 mistakes. Just to finish I think situations like this should be better evaluated, it's the 2nd time I get chat-restriction for reacting bad to someone who was bad to me or my team, while nothing happens to them. I think people like me in this situation should be punished, I agree with that, but maybe a little lightier, since they just got mad because other people were offending them. I really don't believe RIOT will change a thing, but I need to give it a try, even if other people already tried and failed. Feel free to comment your opinion in my story, on these changes or comment any changes that you think these systems need. Have a good day! P.S: When I said to my friends, that I wanted to play 1 game of League to relax a bit, they laughed. They said it is a game that you often get mad, and it isn't good to relax. They are totally right, but this shouldn't be true.
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