Fix your stupid Punishment System

Riot fix your stupid Punishment System and stop banning people just cause they got a lot of bans , quoting random texts . This way your bans make no sense and people just get angrier , rewarding the mass-reporting crybabies that report everyone after each game they play for no reason . I have been playing this game for the past 4 years , and since the introduction of the Honor System I got Chat Restricted twice for no reason . I'm pretty sure like 90% of the accounts this year have been Chat Restricted at least once . Is this normal ? In-Game CheeseSlicer: why flash ? CheeseSlicer: u know my pasive right? CheeseSlicer: worth xD CheeseSlicer: ok then CheeseSlicer: fkin bugsplat CheeseSlicer: how fed is thsi vayen holy fck CheeseSlicer: ok then CheeseSlicer: even without vayne we still lose CheeseSlicer: next CheeseSlicer: ff pls CheeseSlicer: we can't win, cause cait gets 1 shit by eve , pls go next CheeseSlicer: shot* CheeseSlicer: you are teh only dmg and you die too fast CheeseSlicer: whatever ''You have been chat-restricted for 10 games, because people found this to be under the level of the LoL community discussion .'' bwahahha .... excuse me ? what ?{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}

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