so i got perma banned for trying my best in ranked plat elo. I was playing wukong jungle vs hecarim. my team said we sohuld ivade even though i said it will be dangerous and it will cost us the game, thye didnt listen, we went there and stood by his blue 3 minutes, we didnt get anythign out of it, and i had to solo my buff, this put me behind and my team started flaming me, i said i cant do anything bcz of that invade, but they didnt care and started flaming me more. so i was trying my best to get a comeback, but my midlane lux started going to my jungle and steal my exp and gold. that meant she didnt try her best and she put me more behind. my team was flamign me 24/7, but i just tried to get some gold and exp to get a comeback. when we were in late game, my team basically didnt move, they only typed 24/7 meanwhile i tried my hardest, they said they will report me for trolling EVEN THOUGH I TRIE MY HARDEST. when i get out of the game, i queue again, and then i see ACCOUNT BANNED, log in again and its a perma ban. A PERMA BAN FOR TRYING MY BEST??? WHAT IS GOING ON?
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