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Hi, The thing is, we only have option to report trolls after the game, but there are so many trolls in champ select and in the games that never took a place that are getting away with it just because there is no option to report them except after the game and not everybody is going to waste his time to contact support directly to report that since it takes forever. 10000 times it happened that some MORON got autofilled support and Insta Locked completely off role champion (adc, assasin) or also swearing in the champ select or intentionally bans the champion you intended to pick, or mid or feed type of people so the only option you have is to either go into the game even tough you know u are going to lose and report him after, but losing 20 lp is not worth reporting that jerk or you can just dodge that champ select and YOU lost 3 lp and got a Queue Ban, and that moron got away with it for who knows how many times! Plzzz Rito, give us an option in champ select to report that as on this way they can do it over and over again, since every normal player is going to dodge that shiit and pay a price for somebody who is so mentally destructed.
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