So basically as the title says i got perma-banned on my main account for a reason that does not sound fair at all, I was a bit toxic just a little bit i admit it yes i was, but that alone is not enough for my account to get permanently banned for it on just one single game that i said 2-3 toxic words in it, here is the chat log. Game 1 Pre-Game Kabs: kid Kabs: its normal Kabs: so stfu Kabs: its not ranked Kabs: yes In-Game Kabs: ur unranked Kabs: u dont even knw what ranked is Kabs: so dont talk kid Kabs: suck my balls Kabs: lick em first Kabs: he brought this to himself xD Kabs: by the end we will see Kabs: so far ur all feeding xD Kabs: my point is xD Kabs: at the end even if u report Kabs: ur feeding more Kabs: so Kabs: xD Kabs: hahahahahaha Kabs: we will see Kabs: ull be reported too Kabs: all 3 of u Kabs: neither am i Kabs: and when riot sees it Kabs: they will know Kabs: lol Kabs: xD Kabs: but they wont Kabs: lol Kabs: its not how the system works Kabs: so calm ur tits kids Kabs: you do realize that right at this point Kabs: u and riven Kabs: are toxic Kabs: and flaming Kabs: which is reportable and bannable Kabs: which cancels what i did Kabs: then u will be reported Kabs: so congratz keep talking Kabs: lol Kabs: its riot kid Kabs: i wont talk no more Kabs: and now ekko joined u both Kabs: xD Kabs: perfect Kabs: i was waiting for that Kabs: and thats reportable xD Kabs: 2 reports Kabs: for yi and riven Kabs: gj Kabs: now u dug ur own hole Kabs: never inted Kabs: lol Kabs: ima let u talk more Kabs: sure thing Kabs: u 3 Kabs: flamed me and were toxic Kabs: all game long Kabs: then Kabs: u incouraged to open mid and want the game to end Kabs: thats riven and yi not you Kabs: good job riven Kabs: xD Kabs: u just added another one Kabs: does not matter Kabs: its not bannable to ban ur champ Kabs: its called unethical Kabs: lol Kabs: report yi and riven and ekko for flaming all game long and intentially losing the game Kabs: gg Kabs: not troll pick Kabs: im free to choose whichever champ i want lol Kabs: according to u it is Kabs: not to riot Kabs: sitting afk in base adds a 3rd one btw Kabs: so congrats Kabs: u were Kabs: lo Kabs: intentially lost the game Kabs: report ekko yi and riven Kabs: flaming Kabs: afk Kabs: gg Post-Game Kabs: and reported Kabs: gg Like i said it's only 1 game and i do understand clearly that i was demonstrating in-proper behavior but i also believe that i should be at a maximum punishment be chat restricted not permanently banned from my main account that i invested 100s of dollars on.

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