HELP! I'm flamer/toxic/ but i don't want it. How to stop behaving like flamer?

Hello. I get extremely angry when a teammate does a 'stupid' mistake. I want to stupid but the team almost always successfully brings me out of balance. For example, i remember how I was supp. My adc did literally nothing. The mid fed like there was a competition. The jungle hadn't ganked once. Fortunately, top was good but maybe you have already got it that a game 2v5 is almost impossible to be won. Then i got angry. I had been angry even since the FB for the enemy team - my adc died and, of course, we died together. However, i started spamming and flaming in the chat which affected my account with 14-day ban. After that I reminded how I had already lost an account FOREVER becuase of flame and i started thinking about how i will continue with my **'FLAME ADDICTING'**. There are 2 days until the UN-ban of the account. Now, I'd like to get advice about my problem but before it let me describe better my situation becuase i'm sure you wouldn't understand me **correctly**. I want to play League of Legends really a lot but i can't control my flame. I'm trying but it's really hard because of the team. Usually the matchmaking is bad. There are 3 possible mathmaking for me: **1.** There are no good players - only trollers, feeders, even flamers. **2.** I'm the weakest in the team - everybody else(including allies and enemies) is/are golds or plat-s and usually the game, such always, depends on me. **3.** There are good teammates that don't need of me(this matchmaking happens extremely rearely). NOW MY 'REQUEST' IS HOW TO STOP FLAMING OR CAN I MUTE ANYWAY THE FLAME - maybe a plugin or a porgram which mutes every msg i type. By the way, a valid solution IS NOT _to stop playing League of Legends_ or _just to stop flaming_. I'm sure that this discussion would help to other players, too_(like me or who often has problems with players like me)_. Because of it, i'd ask to post only clever or/and useful comments, please. P.S. Sorry if my English is bad or/and hard to be understood!!! English is my 2nd language. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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