i quit.

As of today I quit League. Ive been playing for 4 years but the community has never been as toxic as it is today. Every. Single. Game. people throw insults at each other on small mistakes. One game of league can instantly change your mood and ruin your day. This game is all about whose insult is worse than the other. All people care is to make someone feel HORRIBLE about themselves. This is not a game anymore. The developers will always throw new skins at you, better visuals,making those champions more OP than the others,making it impossible to be able to carry with a non meta champion. They just want to take money and thats it. I was playing with my friend today in rank and my support from minute one was so toxic to me for no reason and the whole team and enemy team were insulting me for no reason, after the game ended, i broke down and cried. and now I know. I will never. play this game in my life. I used to be a good friend, a good daughter and a good student. But after trying so hard to get gold (i did get it) i can say its not worth it. No rank in this game is worth breaking down my personality, my life and my mental health. Those players will never get punished and even if they do they will simply get a warning. Sorry for rambling,and you may not agree with me but I just wanted to leave a last post here. This game used to be fun,i loved being a part of the community,but I want to be happy playing a game, even if its competitive, players should not be allowed to talk so ugly towards each other. anyway,if you read all this, i appreciate it. :) hope you have a nice day
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