Do you think context SHOULD be considered when judging to punish a player for undesirable behavior?

The current automated system put in place by Riot that's handing out punishments for undesirable behavior in the game currently does not take context into consideration if I must believe what I've read many times on the boards. The question I pose is not about feasibility, but about the ideal situation where there would not be technical or budgetary limitations. Let's have a vote. I already see people misinterpreting the question, so let me clarify. This question is NOT about ANYONE's personal opinion on ANY case about whether something is or is not acceptable behavior. It's merely about whether you think context SHOULD or SHOULD NOT be considered in the ideal situation where resourced are UNLIMITED. I also see people talking about insults and flaming and whether that's to be desired or not. That's NOT what this question is about. It's merely about whether CONTEXT SHOULD or SHOULD NOT be CONSIDERED when judging a players undesirable behavior (like insulting or flaming) if that would be possible without any constraints. There are also MANY other forms of undesirable behaviors not having ANYTHING to do with toxicity in chat. I would ask for anyone to join this discussion to think a little bit OUTSIDE THE BOX of your initial monkey brain response (everyone has this, me too. This is NOT meant as an offense. I mean this as a remnant of human evolution, which allows us to make quick decisions in order to survive. There is no need to be jumping to conclusions here. You are not under attack. You have time to think, so please do. If you don't believe in human evolution theory then just forget this part) and think about this in MULTIPLE POSSIBLE SCENARIOS many of us witness every time we play the game. Thought provoking idea: Maybe I voted no myself.
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