System is so broken, experiment!!

Hello guys! This game is shiit when it comes o trolls!!!!! Hade a winrate of 67% until gold 2 or some and then suddenly i got afks, aramed account players 0 ranked played,ebayed players just terrible and plain nightmare....i didnt get it for 1-2 games but 7-8 games in a row!!!!!!!!!! So fkng stupid i dont even have words for it, the system is plain shiet!!!! Ofc i get upset and flame while these guys either /laugh or just run aroudn in base think its funny to troll...... I then get the chat bans ofc while these guys cont play with NO punishemnt!!!! So tilted i left the acc and wanted to see if that really can be the case sooooo... I logged on to a silver acc, and did ALL i could to hardtroll without say a word.... I lock in anivia, i ban my adcs prepick to get him mad, it works his pissed af.... Game starts i say (im sorry didnt see) prepick with a smiley after, we then go to lane, i act nice in chat to other team m8s, then lanngphase begin. I wall him so he get killed by enemyteam and say (opps sorry), he now starts to rage at me and ask team m8s to report me. I just say: i dotn know what he talk about im just not so good with her. I do it 3 times again then he tilts and run down int feeding them, i then leave my adc and go to mid and act (nice) sorry but my adcs inting. My WHOLE team then turn AGAINST my adc and they ALL reportign him for flaming and inting while i try play the game... HE GOT BANNED!!!!!
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