Self-Serving Bias: The Great Hypocrisy at the heart of League of Legends

**Psychology 101: Welcome to the Self-Serving Bias!** **Introduction:** We like to try and explain the shite that happens around us in daily life. Because we're not infallible machines, we do a pretty piss-poor job at it, and because we're weak, wimpy creatures in the grand scheme of reality, we like to comfort ourselves with the notion that we aren't so bad, and that we are better than other people. In a nutshell, this is the essence of the _Self-Serving Bias_. To explain it more succinctly: >People attribute their **own successes** to their own ability and virtues, and attribute their **own failures** to luck, or blame it on others. The same people then also attribute **other people's successes** to luck and happenstance, whilst attributing **other people's failures** to them being worthless. **What this has to do with League of Legends:** The majority of League of Legends players, are guilty of indulging in the Self-Serving Bias. In fact, most human beings are, and we are hypocrites at heart who have yet to mature. People who blame Riot games and other players for their own bad experiences, are sometimes justified in doing so. However, I think you'll find that the majority of the time, it's just people trying to find ways around their own failures because they cannot accept that they aren't perfect. **Addressing the Title, and Four things to remember:** There is no hope for League of Legends to become a healthier, more mature game, unless awareness is brought to this hypocrisy. There are 4 basic things we should take as instinct into every game we play: 1) People aren't inherently bad players just because they had one bad game. Assuming stuff like that is unintelligent and you only do it to vent your frustration at losing the game (btw, you just lost the game.) 2) People who have good games, may be lucky, or they may have been carried. But, they may also genuinely be a good player, who happened to get lucky or carried that game, too. Why assume one way or the other, when you can be a decent human being, shut up, and mind your own business? 3) You didn't win all your games because you're a god who "should be in challenger but ranked is broken". Get off your high horse. Sometimes, you get carried, sometimes you get lucky. Sometimes you genuinely win because you are good. No one's perfect, everyone gets carried sometimes. Keep your ego in your pants where it belongs, because modesty is a just more pleasant to be around. 4) A lot of the time, if you just looked at your own flaws instead of attributing them to external causes (like other people doing badly in your game), you might improve as a person because for the first time ever, you're acknowledging that you are flawed. Which is wonderful, because it means you can IMPROVE! -------- **TLDR:** We're all pretty terrible people. But if we acknowledge that, and actively remind ourselves of the Self-Serving Bias, those of us who want to be good may just become less shitey people as a result. And just like that, half the toxicity in League of Legends is cured. Rant over.
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