Team ruiners

For quite a some time I have been playing, and besides multiple flaws due to human nature, one behavior is really a problem - cowardice/selfishness. Here is my latest experience: Midlane: {{champion:157}} (my teammate) vs {{champion:45}} (enemy). {{champion:45}} dominated the lane for quite a long time, and yet again engaged into fight with {{champion:157}}, going as far as chasing {{champion:157}} under turret. {{champion:75}} (my jungler) stands in lower mid bush. He just stood there while {{champion:157}} fought the {{champion:45}}, who he couldn't kill, but still, {{champion:157}} managed to get {{champion:45}} down to about 7%HP when he died. Then, {{champion:75}} moves in for the kill. The player persisted in this kind of behavior, and the game felt like 1 v 4 v 5, because very well that one {{champion:75}} was just as against his/her own team, as the other team. This, and many other notable instances shows this particular behavior, that not just unhelpful, but also negative in overall, lowering the chances of winning, because of the selfishness and cowardice of the player. The repercussion of this is usually the disadvantage of one or two lanes which may very well cost the game. Here it is not the "who get's the kill" what is the problem, but the disregard for others of these players, either fearing for their own skin or they wait until they have their best chances (regardless of the sacrifice of others). Deliberately letting your teammate die for your own sake is not just unsportsmanlike, but, as I said before, may cost the game. And I feel and see no action against this kind of behavior. League of Legends is a team game, and even if we forgive not-team players, we should not team ruiners. But then again, few players can see the destructive nature of this, and my reports alone won't change a thing.

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