I got DDOS and i get the ban ? Great Justice Rito

So basically i was in the game and i suddenly got huge rise of ping (around 4000 ms) as soon as this happen a enemy player started hard focusing me, taunt and mocking me in the all chat. Once i fully rebooted my box and got a new IP address everything was back to normal so i heavily suspect this player to use DDOS since he was acting way to overconfident and once he saw that i was moving normally again he was keep focusing me but act very hostile in the all chat, even tower diving to kill and then die in a 1v4 just to admit that he is doing that "just to annoy this guy". of course i reported this guy but at the end i am the one who got ban for few days just cause i called him a "pathetic cheater" and an "all talk looking for attention" and i only have this game in my report card. This is ridiculous. Great sense of justice Rito, this is why your robot will never replace our good old Tribunal who can take in count the human factor. with your so perfect system the cheaters and people who harass people on purpose can do what they want and its the person who can't take it anymore who get the ban. Congrats.
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