Just a rant of frustration

Soooooo my issue is that if you are in a losing game, where side lanes can't win and team fights are a lost cause, because your team has no engage adc has 70 cs. Team still does not want to give up and keeps you hostage in a game that is 100% lost, you can say oh this guy is giving up he does not want to win, like when enemy team is tripling our kill count and 4 out of 5 members have a bounty and item leads have baron have dragons, have everything, all we have is an outer turret down the team still keeps you hostage...both teams... you can watch it from their perspective oh we are losing time to learn how to play from behind in a 100% lost game or hey we are winning by so much that we can play around with the enemy, okay but the one guy that is stuck meanwhile in the game has 2 options suffer force yourself to get a headache and play and then after the game just don't have the intention to play the game for the whole day just because of one game or go afk in base or leave game and get banned. Like the game is not fun at that point for that player and he/she/ME keeps just suffering and going with the game and accepts that he will hate the game afterwards and can do nothing about it, like for real why is it that for their comfort I have to suffer in a %%%%ing no%%%% game not even ranked, because I have the risk of getting banned if not so. stupid and outrageous I say. this is just an egoistic rant because I have to find a place to rant my frustration, I can't talk in game about this because they will just ban me for reading this in chat or something, I can't go afk because they will ban me because I left that game, thus the only way for one to lose it's frustration upon this game is to put it somewhere where the game just does not straight up ban you for being pissed off at the players that just kept dying early on and now keep you hostage. If others want to rant go ahead, honestly writing about it makes all your frustration energy go into the text you are writing... If you have a game like this where you just want to pull your head out just write about it nobody needs to care just you because it helps calm the nerves now that I've calmed down a little I can say with utmost certainty that I still will play the game but today the limit has been reached. sometimes you can have fun in this game win or lose, but then there are other times that a lose stings, a win just feels shallow, both are part of this game yet I would prefer to never have this feeling again which is not going to be the case like come on we are talking about LoL here, not frustrating, no rage, yea right dream on... at least the longer you play the more you rage because the more you understand about the game the more frustrating it is can become, sadly for me at the beginning losing in casual mode even ranked was okay now even when I try to play casual mode wasting time on a lost match is a no go, I could use that time to play another game less tilted or even another match of this game maybe, just maybe... just my opinion but hey I honestly don't care for what happens to this post, I just wanted to get this out of my system. {{sticker:sg-shisa}} -> {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
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