Just a friendly reminder that game starts at 00:00 not 01:45

idk why people think game starts at 01:45 i notice this so often, in urf, in normals, on aram even they are just afk in base, or afk under turret jungle leashing? team needs help? invade in progress? (on urf) fighting on lvl 1? all of those things happen way before the game reaches the 01:45 mark so dont be like "ill go smoke quick" "checking facebook, i got time" etc you dont got time, you are in game, you accepted the summoners code and you are commited to playing the game so either do stuff u need to do before you queue up or dont queue up just to afk until minions spawn it really doesnt help your team one bit EDIT: Wou this got a lot more attention than i expected, feel like i started a big argue for nothing :P sowwy
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