Tired of toxic players and possible ways to resolve

So I've been playing this game for around 8 years and even after reports have started to become more effective i see more toxic people in the game now than every before. Particularly in ranked play where it matters the most. I have found that the majority of normal games I play which is a far fewer number than ranked games, very rarely are people toxic or tilted. In ranked however probably 8/10 games i get an extremely toxic player that either ruins the game by going afk/flaming intensely hard and telling everyone in the game to kill themselves/or worst of all intentionally feeding doing things to make the team lose on purpose, but abusing the system saying they are doing their best and not trolling and "they are really trying team please don't report me", but then they use their flash in base and say oops and then walk into the enemy team, and say lag, etc. i understand that in a lot of cases people could be actually having those issues. But often these players don't start doing this until they already died 2-3 times, they spam ping the jungler and then start inting. It takes away the fun from the game, and as someone who has been playing for a long time it is far easier for an individual to ruin a game now than ever, you can't win by yourself anymore and if you have one player that's intentionally ruining it for everyone else then the game becomes impossible. So in terms of things that could be done to fix it, I feel like a larger group of people riot has dedicated to reviewing chat logs and replays and dishing out punishment accordingly, and harsher punishment, like a 3 strike and perma ban, or maybe even just two strikes where you sign a written warning like the first time you afk and if you're toxic again you just get the account perma banned on the spot would be the best way of dealing with these players. As I said previously though the worst group of people are currently abusing the system, they are staying under the radar and even though you can report them they probably aren't sending up any red flags especially if they decide to ruin games intermittently. In response tot he players that do this I feel like it would be completely feasible to have a group of people on standby, ready to watch games live as they happen. I understand its a large undertaking and league has somewhere in the range of 31 million daily players on avg or at least they did as of 2017, so that's a lot of games to monitor, so maybe just ranked games would be feasible, and somewhere in the UI for the tab or maybe even in the escape menu, you could have a voting tool to request a spectator to review the behavior being exhibited by a player in your game. In terms of ways to make this a more workable solution, than all ranked games with someone they may or may not be trolling getting viewed, then set it up so that 4/5 players on a team have to vote yes just like a surrender, that way you can remove a majority of the false alarms, and tilted players that are trying to get a view on someone they think is trolling just because they are already in a bad mood. Outside of that, reducing the amount of reports it takes for someone to get looked at by a real person, for the offenses they are incurring, or being able to request in game support from the client and talk to a representative in the post game screen, once again this would be a large undertaking, but the amount of time it would take to actually talk to a representative, and waiting for one to become available would reduce the amount of people trying to abuse the system, in addition to it would be relatively easily to temporarily ban people who are obviously trying to abuse the system or waste employee time. I'm kind of running out of steam here, but I just wanted to give my two cents on the state of the game and what could be done to improve it. I understand that the solutions that I offered are intensive and would require real action from riot. It would require money spent, time spent from real people willing to make the game a better place, it might even be buggy, and hard to start at first. But its not like riot is hurting for money, this is the most played game on the internet currently, and if they want to retain that title, and they want to maintain their revenue, and player base, and cultivate a loyalty from their consumers then there has to be changes. I'm not asking for this to be done tomorrow or next week or even next month, but I think it would highly benefit the longevity of the game, and the players if this or something similar was implemented. It's riots prerogative if they want to make changes like this, but I do feel like if they don't start taking steps in this direction that league is on a slippery slope and that another big game like fortnite or pubg could spell the end for league of legends. Its a hard enough game to get into as it stands, that having toxic players ruining the matches for people that are starting out, or even for veteran players can't be allowed to continue. Riot has been able to get away with having a very toxic player base for a long time, they've been able to rest on their laurels, and implement new things to take players minds away from the fact they have people ruining their games. If this ever gets read then I appreciate it, and I would appreciate it even more if something actually gets done to fix the deep seated problems of toxicity and poor player base that the game has. Thanks for your time and have a good day.
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