Dear Riot, can you explain what exactly you are targeting?

I do not know if you want to turn this into a recreation for distrubed people and monkeys, but for now you are greatly going to do it. Many of you "experts" who quote this will say "I'm a low elo" "I'm not good enough" "Improve your abilities" etc ... But at least do not lie to yourself that these things are not happening to you and that I'm wrong, but many will agree about everything. Let's start from here. Riot, I know that it suits you because you get a lot of money from that group of players (yasuo,riven,zed skins etc..), but at least do something to educate those kids how to behave, what to do, and what they can not do. This becomes really serious and really disruptive for players who (just think) just want to, for example, advance in the game and play it professionally. What are you offering to these players? Autism in the game and idiots that do not even have 12 years, and in fact have a dictionary that does not use some much older people? Let's be realistic, I have respect for diamonds players as well as players from other divisions who will tell me (and I guess it will be found) that I do not play well enough and that this is just excuses, but let's see what is wrong with me what problems do I encounter. Under one, you made a game on total bullshit. Remember only (I know that many are happy to remember) season 3 or season 4, what kind of game was it then? Graphics and animations were not exactly at the best level, but the game was much more competitive in every sense, and much better to play. What is your game now? One big shit that will never be balanced and that will never have the players it once had ... You wonder why? Because you have some %%%%%%ed ideas that go into bringing down the game completely and to attract more and more kids to trolling and spending their money. Do you know what these kids are doing? You do not know? I'll tell you. They play Yasuo, Zed, Riven, Katarina on the top, mid or jungle, feeding, cursing families to others, leaving games because they are stupid or someone told them to drop a little to the ground because they have a bad result and deliberately do some things to Destroy someone's game and it's all in a ranked match. What are you doing about it? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Let's put childrens aside, what are you doing with people who enter the ranked match just to feed, troll and not because they do not know how to play, but because they think it's fun. "He did not allow me to play this position, I go to troll" or "I had a bad day, now I will destroy someone's game because it will be fun" ... It's not funny, it will never be. There comes a guy in the game saying "I'm not interested in the game, I play because I'm bored" or "I do my best to lose." How much will we endure it? Ranked is no longer a pleasure to play and also lost the competitive character, literally, it can no longer be played. You said that the solution to that report and writing to you about that? Really? The only your answer to this is to stay cool, not to get into the fight with them, that you have had such problems, and play with some of your friends. Poor, really poor. Under two, Your idea is disgusting. You made the game that you must literally depend on your team that often plays against you, and not with you, so you often lose games that were easy to win, just think, you and three other men play well, then a stupid kid appears and ruin everything you did just because he is disturbed and thinks it's funny. What do you think will you win the game? I dont think so. Now ranked match is reduced to the amount of idiots you have on the team. If the opposing team has more, you have won, if less, you have lost. Was that your goal? If so, I congratulate. Under three, why do I get the same number of lp as someone who just does not care whether he will win or lose, as someone who just wants to ruin someones match or as someone who play ranked just to feed? I will get the same number of points and I will lose the same number of points if I'm trying to win the game or just feeding and trolling... When will you fix all this? If u dont, good luck in next years u will need it...
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