I got banned for someone else inting and going afk

I have had a games, where i have flamed a bit, im not denying it, i hate the honor system and they will never ban people who genuinely int and afk. But the worst thing i said in this log was 'your shit mate'. This was in response to a tirade of abuse which almost every time i flame is. and that was about minute 5 into the game. THe player then tried to make me die twice, before inting under tower and going afk for the rest of the game. My team mates then also reported me because they didn't like my build and therefore i got 3 reports and im auto banned. not hearing no trial, riot doesn't give a shit. Just taking my money and leaving. Game 1 In-Game Th3last0n3: hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmm Th3last0n3: LOL Th3last0n3: you just went in 3 vs 1 Th3last0n3: your shit mate Th3last0n3: did u SEE THAT Th3last0n3: this %%%%ing kaisa Th3last0n3: please report Th3last0n3: no no eve Th3last0n3: she just inted fully Th3last0n3: tried to let me die Th3last0n3: and then went under tower Th3last0n3: LOL Th3last0n3: get reported haha Th3last0n3: XDXD Th3last0n3: ooooh fancy pants Th3last0n3: ahaha keep talking Th3last0n3: XDXD Th3last0n3: thats a big x9 Th3last0n3: dude she inted twice Th3last0n3: like geuniely tried to let me die Th3last0n3: and your blaming me for her quiting Th3last0n3: LOL Th3last0n3: how dare you man Th3last0n3: %%%% this community Th3last0n3: he is responsible for HIS OWN ACTIONS Th3last0n3: im trying to win Th3last0n3: talking all this anti flame stuff but sounds like your flaming mate Th3last0n3: just please be quiet Th3last0n3: i do have mana flow Th3last0n3: and i can use what ever i want Th3last0n3: LOL Th3last0n3: ahaha Th3last0n3: your getting a big fat report mate Th3last0n3: talking about u made her quit... Th3last0n3: and your just flaming me all game Th3last0n3: your probs duo ffs Th3last0n3: your muted too Th3last0n3: hahaha Post-Game Th3last0n3: OMG Th3last0n3: OMG Th3last0n3: i didnt say anything Th3last0n3: you flamed me all game Th3last0n3: your delusional Th3last0n3: your also 0lp AAHAHAHAHA
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