Allowed to Queue dodge?

I feel like we should be allowed to Queue dodge once per day without anything negative happen, since the main role for queue dodging is due to pregame, champ select toxicity. However, it should also be productive so what I'd propose is: After leaving a queue, it should ask you (similar to when reporting someone) to select from a drop down list of options such as: -Emergency -Late for something -Unforseen circumstances -Champ select toxicity -etc and should you choose the CST option, then a list of the players you were in the room with should pop up and you should be allowed to flag the person that was toxic and add a brief explanation. this can then be logged in the new system and should the person recieve multiple reports of this type of behaviour then the new bans could be implemented. Why should this be a thing? Real life happens and we can't always 100% predict where we will be in 30-45 mins time and as such we may have left a game or, earlier in the day dodged due to a toxic player in Champion Select, and now we're scared of leaving, and why should we be punished for someone else trolling in CS? why should we be punished for not wanting to throw away 30 - 45 mins of our lives away on a sub 10% hope that the 4 v 6 we're about to play could possibly lead to a win. Justa thought
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