bots plague Aram

Hi, so I started to play aram a couple of days ago and will stop now because of the bots plaguing this mode. Just wanted to share my last game experience where I found myself with 4 bots vs 5 bots... If I report, is it even worth it knowing I am the only human in the game, and that I am the only one taking the 2 minutes to report 9 people? If that is not insanity, I wonder what is. On the upside, at least the bots aren't toxic altho I am sure a few tweaks could make them spam tards or kill yourself. Then they'd be truly humans, wouldn't they? Oh and cheers to my first penta. Here are the names of the bots: (euw) aisreoth bodegaled fearmadoc gaquayer enthrodraulus auturield polantgur dirgansrat agrifermothoen
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