Weird Accounts?

Soo, I just played a ranked game and there was an enemy pyke that was crazy. Well I thought i might check his profile after the game to see any other interesting builds that he may played. And oh well, and his last 13 games are all ranked with pretty crazy kda and victories all of them. This didn't suprise me that much , such things happens. The thing that got my attention was his previous games that were played on twisted treeline with weird builds and kdas . And every single of those twisteed treeline games all players are following the same pattern : "Twisteed Treeline, weird builds , weird kda, AND ALL of THEM are going with ghost and heal?!!What is going on over here? NOTE : I'm completly ignoring that some of those accounts have strange names. I can provide some screenshots. EDIT : Just noticed this pyke's acoount also had a strange name and he changed it at his first ranked game.Hmm I think this looks like a leveling up service?
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