About this 1BE scandal...

I don't think it would be effective to stop playing for a week as many of you are planning to do. Why? Because less than 10% of players use the boards, so most people know nothing about it and there would be hardly any decrease in players. It would be way better to ask people whether they got their skins from the 1BE capsule each match someone has a skin (which is pretty much all games), so that way more people would get to know about this incident and how worthless capsules and skins have become. Edit: my problem isn't that people got free skins, nor the people. My main issue is Riot's attitude. For many of us, who have supported Riot for several years now, with hundreds or thousands of €s, it feels like a betrayal that they give the same if not more amount of content to people who just got lucky enough. And yeah, mistakes can happen, but you need to do your best to fix your mistakes. Riot is just like "it would take months to revert it, nah, we aren't going to do that" while sitting on an enormous amount of money. And once again, my issue isn't that I want people to lose the skins they got. It's how much Riot doesn't care about this incident. I remember grinding Odyssey for days, being more tilted than I've ever been playing League because some people just couldn't understand to only bring 2 augments. And when we finally made it after a lot of effort, we got 6 skin shards. Do you know how much people needed to do for getting 6 skin shards? Pressing the "1BE" button twice. There are also the hextech chests and keys, if you play regularly, you get 1 chest a week and also 3 key fragments to open it. But it doesn't matter, because due to Riot's mistake, people just needed to press a button to get more content than people normally do in 3 weeks. And Riot just doesn't care enough to do anything about it. So it's not jealosy, it's a loss of respect in Riot for their attitude.
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