MMR Boost Ban on November 2017

i've been banned for 1 month by riot claimed i been got boost on my account that i gave my account to somebody else to boost it on ranked games. I own this account for 5 years i never gave it to noone they removed my 2017 season rewards and previous rewards!!victorious graves,sivir etc. borders and icons. im not gonna be accpeting that i want my rewards back because i know i didnt gave my account to noone or payed anyone to boost me. Help me what can i do please. They say they have prove when i send many tickets to help me and that they cant share the prove they have. This is frustrated i play a lot of games over 100 on steam etc. I would never do such a thing. This is getting so stressing help me what can i do to get my rewards back because this is so unfair ban , and they said next ban would be permanent i dont want them to perma ban me unfair?!!!
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