Autoban system is shit

So today i played on a smurf account (solo) flex and i was autofilled as adc, and i decide to play syndra since im rly awful ad carry and thats the only thing i can play. 3 minutes into the game my support was afk because he needed to pee, then i died to pyke support, later in the game my support was already in my lane but 2 or 3 levels behind, he also died and the enemy ad carry got huge lead from it, then we lost the lane ofc, and my entire team decide to flame the shit of me till the end of the game , they called me dogshit, %%%%%%, braindead and whatever u can imagine because syndra bot in their opinion is a "trollpick" Ofc they dont stop there, they just flamed me over and over and over again till the end of the game which triggered me, i promised my self to stay calm and not be toxic anymore, but i was so damn triggered, ofc i started defending myself, ofc i was toxic too because i was soooooo triggered, but my toxicity compared to their arrogance agression negativity and flame was absolutely nothing. And here comes the most disgusting part... my account is suspended but those 3 premades and 1 random guy personally attacking me are still playing the game after i reported any one of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Conclusion: U will never get someone banned no matter what they do unless u are in a group of premades and u never gonna get banned unless u have a premade group in ur team reporting u. This post is not a rant, i dont want my account unlocked, i dont give a %%%%, this shit system doesnt treat players equally and properly and its completely unfair, no point of making a new account cuz there are a lot of players like these and the same shit will happen again. At this point i dont wanna be part of this game anymore, i love the game and no matter how addicted i am, ill do my hardest to never ever ever touch league again! Like the danish guy said couple of months ago: Kiss, kiss to you guys! :) I made this post so you guys maybe will finally ask urself " does the ban system work properly" ? Im done with league completely, after so much time wasted, good bye.
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