Got 14-day suspension

Hello guys, few days ago i got 14 day suspension because of abusive, player reported comms. im really want to show you my side at the story and the misunderstanding. I am a person who has been playing for over 6 years in the game with a lot games honors. in game i was wrote silly things but did not hurt anyone. and i I thought the lore between lucian and thresh in the story was that thresh had imprisoned son of lucian and killed his boy. you can see clearly that I did not meant to hurt and even talked about other things with laughter and i entered from the perspective of thresh and started to speak in its place Game 1 Pre-Game NooBoTF0rU: thresh NooBoTF0rU: may i take lucian? NooBoTF0rU: thresh!!!! NooBoTF0rU: answer me or i will kill your son NooBoTF0rU: sir NooBoTF0rU: pls NooBoTF0rU: just answer NooBoTF0rU: dpmt cry!! **NooBoTF0rU: your soul now mine** NooBoTF0rU: i love you so much NooBoTF0rU: its ok NooBoTF0rU: dont forget to eat mcdonlas NooBoTF0rU: very tasty!!! NooBoTF0rU: :D In-Game (It must be noted that the player was determined between the sentences threatened to bring me ban every sec but I did not care and ignored it) NooBoTF0rU: omg NooBoTF0rU: my runes NooBoTF0rU: dmn NooBoTF0rU: my runes!! NooBoTF0rU: just 1 gank pl NooBoTF0rU: s NooBoTF0rU: this is not metter now NooBoTF0rU: just gank NooBoTF0rU: deleted NooBoTF0rU: huh NooBoTF0rU: :c more over, I think my punishment was too harsh and I think it was not particularly justified when I did not keep talking about the subject during the game. PUNISHMENTS GENERALLY FOLLOW A BASIC ESCALATION PATH: First Offense: 10 Game Chat Restriction Second Offense: 25 Game Chat Restriction Third Offense: Two Week Suspension Fourth Offense: Permanent Suspension However, it is possible to skip to a Two Week or Permanent suspension based on the severity of the behavior in the game. Excessive negative behavior can result in a Two-Week or Permanent suspension at any time without having a chat restriction on the account. my acccount's been suspended until 17 December(more than 14 days!!!) this is not makes sense. what can i do to get relief from punishment for misunderstanding? **Thank you very much for help and support!**
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