Suspeneded for Flaming 2 games? Gj Riot hope your game dies

How about actually punishing hard flaming inters? MF ignite 'support' 0 support items 3/18 hard flaming 'cause no adc' yet losing the game solo, ff spamming abusive in chat and running it down entire game yet I am the one punished because I say stfu ret*rd which is absolutely true??? Game over at 10 minutes cause bot gives away 20 kills in 10 minutes even when asked nicely to play safe = not inting? 3/10 Teemo 'support' afk split-pushing like a bot 0 brain handing free kills to enemy like Christmas presents even when spam pinged DANGER ENEMY, Draven coming mid following me taking all my cs while spamming laugh %%%% off. NP Riot soon another game will supersede you that actually doesn't cater to %%%%ing trolls running it down. Guess I'll just join the fun too with Disco Nunu cause let's find out iS iT mEtA? And I know I won't get banned for it cause actually looking into players with an average of 12+ deaths per game and several reports per game is too %%%%ing hard for a company worth over a billion dollars and thousands of employees np let's better release a new Khazix skin and then overbuff him cause why not. %%%% this preseason.
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