The Problem With New Champion Releases

Hi everyone, I have been playing this game for years. And I really enjoy playing it. That's why I really have to put this up for discussion in hopes to put some attention to it. For as far back as I can remember new champion releases have always been problematic times. Not because the champions are broken or to weak(Which is completely reasonable, since balancing takes a lot of effort and time). What bothers me is that everytime a new champion gets released the first thing the league playerbase does is to play this champion in a ranked. Which leads to incredible stats like 3/15 Sylas or to a Soraka lethaltempo on-hit jungle because you ended up banning Sylas so there wouldn't be a repetion of your last games Sylas. I'm sure that I am not the only person bothered by this. That's why I want to put up for discussion, if it would be possible to have the requirement of having at least 5 games of the new Champion before you can play him in a ranked game. It does not have to be necessarly 5 games, but more importantly just the right amount of experience so we don't see our midlaners ask how his abilites work.
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