afk farm nasus

i got a game where my top lane nasus was 0/3 in 6 min and when i asked him to play safe he didnt replied enemy urgot was 3/0 so i tried to gank and shut him down i ganked he decided to cs 2 minions in front of him instead of following up so i decided not to gank top now 15 min in game he is 0/8 now and still keep on pushing lane without a single ward and die over and over 25 min in game he is 0/12 now enemy ignore him since he got no gold now and he still kept on freezing lane at top tier 1 turret while we have no tier1/2 turret left and kept farming and enemy were at out inhib we lost inhib they took baron and he was still farming top side and we cant even report that enjoyable game riot community so good
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