Is it reportable as intentional feeding if a person says he feed because he don't care?

After my last ranked games have been very bad on the toxicity level I began to wonder if it is reportable as intentional feeding if a person says he feed because he don't care? My last few games has been worse like far worse than I usually experience. I was forced to go ad soraka because my adc wouldn't play with a feeder on midlane (he didn't get his zed) so he ragequitted. My jungler then started feeding as well. I was wondering whether it is reportable when people admit they are feeding because they don't care about the team or the game. Because that's the attitude I have seen recently. The person literally writes in chat how they do not care. This is usually the crushing blow to my team, although I try to be positive even when people die a lot, when they admit to doing so because they "don't care" then it sinks the entire team attitude and the curve just goes down. Another game I had my jungler didn't seem like the brightest person, it is okay not to be that good at the game but when he didn't gank top and our toplaner died for first blood then our toplaner started to feed because he "didn't care" about the game any longer. I am used to seeing feeders and the like in my games but since I got to gold I think the attitude has become far worse than I am used to. One thing is that you die a lot but admitting to have such an attitude makes no sense in my brain. Any answers to my initial question or any ideas on how stop this attitude from your teammates would be highly appreciated-

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