My soraka goes 1-13 intentionally feeding and flaming. But I get 25 chat restriction instead...

In a Diamond 5 ranked game: My Soraka intentionally fed. Right from the start she just ran it down bot with no one even talking and said unbelievable comments to us. No one flamed her until mid way through the game. She flamed me all game, followed me around, intentionally fed, did not play the game properly. I told her she is pathetic and weak minded, I told her to "kick the bucket" and I am the one who gets 25 chat ban. How is this fair punishment? You think I would retaliate in a game where she didn't do this intentionally? Am I really the one to blame? For example : A man breaks into your house and starts stealing your stuff, you prevent him from robbing your items. Then you end up in jail for harming him and causing him damage. That is league of legends punishment system in a metaphor. This system is so backwards, so corrupt and unjust. This does not encourage better behavior and improvement. You have so many flaws in punishment strategy that allows extremely toxic players to get away with what they want (or do not get punished servery enough) and players like me who get frustrated when an intentional troll does this and lashes out.
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