Early "damage" support.

It is known there are win and loss streaks in this game...at win streak you can go afk and win...at loss streaks, my current situation...I'm first assists both teams, first vision both teams, second damage in team, save my team again and again, resumed I do SOLID games but it's not enough to win when I am in a LOSS STREAK. I can carry my ADC bot...but bot phase ends and the rest of the team feeding since minute 0 comes to hit hard as reality can hit. I usually play Sona support when my team needs some AP, damage, etc so I can help both ways...supporting and late carry as Sona is since last "nerf". My issue is...Sona is far too LATE game scaling now and I cannot help enough my BAD teams (with normal teams it's no issue) My question is....What kind of supports are nice doing early-mid game damage to be able to CARRY almost ALONE. (When I say almost alone I meant, don't say Morgana, coz with those situations of BAD teams...NOBODY would follow my R, they will not group, etc) So is there a Support I can help better my team doing damage? (Tank support and cc I love to play them, but as morgana I keep seeing myself tanking for a team waiting me to die to follow, and I cannot carry as tank)
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