I got permanently banned.

So, I decided to just write something up since to get it off my chest. I just got permanently banned. I got banned for 2 weeks like a month or two ago because I was honestly being quite toxic. I tried to dim my shit down because even I could see in the logs that I was going way over board. 50+ games later I get into a game with a Xin Zhao that didn't play very well in the early game, had no pressure in the game and their lee sin basically took over. I'm asking for help top but he doesn't really respond. We get into an argument over lane priority and I call him a "%%%%ing dumbass" for thinking Veigar should have lane priority over Ekko in the mid lane.. Which is just really absurd because Ekko is really good at pushing in waves and probably can dive Veigar if he walks up too much. Either way, we go back and forth a bit. I didn't say anything other then that as a curse word. Some small remarks like "jungle diff" because he said "top diff" etc. I didn't really go for the throat or really cussed him out or was super toxic. We had a back and forth, sure it wasn't the most mature thing but I don't think I was being toxic? Anyway, I join the next game, get kicked out of champ select and I log back in to see I got perma banned. That was the only game I was shown with logs and I really haven't been toxic in other games. Maybe at the end of a game when my toplaner is 1/10 i'd say in all chat "top diff sucks" when our nexus explodes but I don't really bully people during the game or anything like that. I don't think a perma ban is justified. Unfortunatly I can't do much about it because when i try to make a ticket the bot thing responds and closes it instantly so I can't appeal it anyway. Advice for anyone else who finds it difficult not to defend/respond to people talking to you ingame. Just /ignoreall at the start of the game because otherwise you'll just get permabanned for the smallest things.
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