My advice to anyone who feels anger/depression when they play.

Quit. I just uninstalled this game. Not because it's unbalanced, or because I can't climb, or because I feel it's unfair. I uninstalled because in 9/10 of my last games I was verbally abused by some stranger in the chat. I understand /mute all is a thing. I use it. What happens then is items/flashes/cd's are pinged repeatedly. A tool which should be used to encourage victory is instead used by the player base to highlight failed plays and to belittle or embarrass teammates. This game isn't bad. The community is. Maybe my skin just isn't thick enough. Maybe toxicity is a part of all competitive play. Maybe I'm just bad. Regardless, I choose to invest my time into things that bring me happiness, and League is not one of those things. Adios. (P.s. to Doom Emissary, the one and only player I've met on this game who showed an ounce of decency, thank you for playing)
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