Second game with Ivern and I get banned for inting..

Long story short I tried ivern twice, the second game didn't go so well as you can see and I got reported and banned, lovely. I've already tried sending tickets to get someone to help me but the first response I got was basically "I understand but you deserve it". It seems 14 days ban and a drop in honor will help me out learning the champion just perfectly next time. The thing that annoys me the most is the honor drop, shouldn't my honor drop only when I behave negatively? I didn't even flame or grief ingame wth. So after 3/4 days and a second ticket asking to check my previous ticket I get some people to actually investigate my match, but the investigation ends up confirming the ban, I really have no clue how they came up to the conclusion that I'm intentionally feeding. Clearly in the match im not throwing myself at the enemy or telling them in chat "free kill" or "open bot". The enemy team is also pretty strong as I also metioned in my tickets and it was hard to play against. I didn't play this match any differently from all my other matches and absolutely with no intention to feed. So they say: **_ It was placed on your account for intentional feeding/griefing that caused a negative experience for other players, and we do not tolerate negative behavior of any kind. I hope you can understand how frustrating it can be to play against other players do such things thus creating bad experiences for other players._** I know why I've been banned the reform card clearly states intetionl feeding I don't need a confirmation for that, I need to know what it is in game that irrefutably confirms my negative behaviour. Since they seem to say that its not just the 20 deaths but its what happens in game, I asked that they provide me with the parts of the game where I behaved negatively. I know that dying 20 times annoys the hell our of people but it wasn't something completely in my control, and I shouldn't be punished for Involuntarily annoying someone. Also _**"I hope you can understand how frustrating it can be to play against other players do such things thus creating bad experiences for other players."**_ Does this mean the enemy team reported me cos i caused them a bad game? what. Anyways I got a reply, I was hoping for someone to tell me where in the game I behaved negatively but what they told me is "_**It's not just about the number of deaths. Yes those can seem bad, but we do look into other stuff that goes on during the match and whether players were trying their best or not. I know it's frustrating when you play maybe with others that are trying to ruin the game, but even then, it's not okay to take a similar approach.**_" So in other words, we are sure you did something bad don't worry we checked and you weren't playing at your best. Of course i didn't play a good/great game! It was hard, and my second time with ivern. Whose similar approach did I take in this game? What are you talking about? Nobody was intentionally feeding this game and I surely didn't emulate them. My adc may have gotten annoyed and left the lane but still she didn't really int and I wasn't getting back at her for it by "taking a similar approach". I would provide a recording of the gameplay but it seems I can't watch replays while banned o.o Is my english so bad support doesn't understand my questions and that's why I get confusing replies? Even if it's not my first language I think my english is pretty good even if i make some typing errors. Here's a picture of the tickets I sent and the replies [Ticket]( What should I do? I think I've pretty much tried everything, writing here is a last attemp at getting some help. Should i just suck it up and start getting my honor back all over again? Actually i think the season is almost over so should i just go back to playing League when the new one starts? Because getting back to honor 2 is reeeeeaaallyy a slow process.
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