Slightly salty

Letting off a little steam here with a pointless rant. It's absolutely draining to jump into ranked games, to find yourself with people who just cannot work as a team. I've managed to find the past day or so A darius that didn't know how to use teleport.. didn't know how to play against Ekko, asked if he was AD or AP and how his abilitys worked, when i told him and the build path he should go, then he took it for criticism and went afk. Karthas Support Mordakieser Support. Alistair top. People that are last pick and choosing champions who are countered easily by their comp, I can't tell you how many times i've seen people pick caitlyn against Sivir, or when people say "first time (insert champs name here)". I just wished people stopped treating Ranked like its a normal , it wastes my time and everyone's time who are trying to progress, the past week i've gone from bronze 3 to silver 4, now i've just hit a major blockade, where every game i am getting is the same, its flamers, AFKers, and overall toxicty and it seriously demotivates you. Just wish there was a system that you have to reach a certain amount of mastery points or something to be eligible for a ranked queue. And the losses keep on coming when scrolling down t.t
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